Authentic Southern Indian Cuisine . Vegetarian . Kosher
127 East 28th Street .-. 212.685.7301

Tiffin Wallah translates as - one who carries the box. Tiffin is an old English word for a light lunch, and also the name of the multi-compartment metal lunch box that carries it. Tiffin Wallahs originated over a century ago when the many Indians working for British companies disliked the food served at work. Tiffin service was created to bring home cooking to the workplace.

Here at Tiffin Wallah, we are rolling out our service beginning with the opening of our restaurant on 28th street. Please visit our website during the following weeks for announcements when delivery service begins, when the delivery area expands, and other services we plan to bring you, as well as to download the delivery menu when it becomes available. In the meantime...

Welcome to Tiffin Wallah!
Please join us at the restaurant for lunch or dinner.

Download a PDF version of the Tiffin Wallah Restaurant menu (Updated 08/17/2010), click here.

for the latest version.